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July 2018

Think a rose is just a valentine's day gift? No. We still have a lot. Brushing up on the meaning behind the blooms will likely inform your choices or heighten your appreciation of your sweet-smelling gift. 1. Roses, yes this is the most popular one. 2. Daisies or Gerberas, are known for symbolizing beauty, innocence and purity, 3.

1. Lilies This aromatic blossom represents that the soul of the deceased has returned to a peaceful state of innocence. Some says this flower symbolizes purity, virginity, and the radiance of the soul. 2. White Roses  Roses are a very appropriate funeral flower and every color has a different connotation. The use of white roses as the ultimate symbol of spirituality, purity,

  Here some lists of popular wedding flowers that commonly used. 1. Rose, always the winner. Available in a many colors, the rose pairs well with any  flower and can help create luscious, full wedding centerpieces. A very well in boutonnieres, corsages, and highly-sculptured arrangements. 2. Hydrangea. Stem of hydrangea can quickly fill up any wedding bouquet or

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