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Popular Funeral / Deep Condolences Flowers

1. Lilies

This aromatic blossom represents that the soul of the deceased has returned to a peaceful state of innocence.

Some says this flower symbolizes purity, virginity, and the radiance of the soul.

2. White Roses 

Roses are a very appropriate funeral flower and every color has a different connotation.

The use of white roses as the ultimate symbol of spirituality, purity, and innocence.

Some funeral use the classic red rose to represent love and grief.

The yellow rose is often given by friends to show their bond.

The rarer dark pink roses are used to express thankfulness to the deceased.

3. Orchid

orchids have a universal meaning: “I will always love you.”

4. Chrysanthemums

symbolize rebirth

5. Carnations 

The red shows affection and the white symbolize innocence. Pink carnations believed they were created from the Virgin Mary’s tears.

6. Hyacinth

“you’re included in my prayers”

7. Hydrangeas,

symbolizes true heartfelt emotions.

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