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10 Popular Wedding Flowers


Here some lists of popular wedding flowers that commonly used.

1. Rose, always the winner.

Available in a many colors, the rose pairs well with any  flower and can help create luscious, full wedding centerpieces. A very well in boutonnieres, corsages, and highly-sculptured arrangements.

2. Hydrangea.

Stem of hydrangea can quickly fill up any wedding bouquet or centerpiece. A perfect choice to play with colours,texture and volume.

3. Orchid.

Orchids can be gorgeously used in wedding bouquet, full arrangements or minimalist-style single stems.

4. Peony.

Very pretty flowers, full of soft, fluffy petals, a seasonal flowers that symbolizing happiness. A bit pricy flowers with very good smell.

5, Anemone.

A dark center and softly colored petals, giving a whimsical, but striking, quality.  Perfect paired with other flowers, they are particularly match with rounder, softer blooms, like peonies and ranunculus.

6. Carnation.

This ruffled flowers are very affordable and has largely amount of colors.  Carnations is a smart option to decorate your table centerpiece, flower ball or anything.

7. Daisies.

A beautiful, traditional wedding flower.

8. Ranunculus.

A gorgeous, romantic flower perfect for wedding arrangements.

9. Baby Breath.

A really pretty, very tiny flower, perfect for filler, wedding bouquet or even bridesmaid bouquet,

10. Succulents.

Succulents add amazing texture and are extremely durable. Perfect for rustic wedding.

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